Lately there has been a new video sensation hitting the world wide web and it’t not of cute, fuzzy little kittens… instead it’s of cute, parkouring goats!  These frisky little guys are fun to watch on videos and can also be fun to have as pets!  Knowing what you may need to have a pet goat is very helpful if you are thinking of having a goat.

Goats love to climb and jump on, and off, of a variety of things.  Having something such as a small building, a small deck with steps or even just rocks will keep these guys entertained, as well as giving you entertainment just by watching them.  Also, goats are herd animals so it’s best to get at least 2, unless you have other animals you plan on housing them with.
Just like other ruminants, goats eat a lot.  They will need hay, grain and a vitamin block to keep them content, as well as pasture turnout.  However, with all that eating comes a lot of, lets say presents, from the back end as well.  Be sure to have a place to discard all the waste from your goat.  It makes for a great fertilizer if you have any flower beds or gardens, so that’s something to keep in mind!  Their pen should be about 135 feet for a smaller breed goat (one that tends to be less than 100 pounds) and double that for a larger goat.  This average should be increased with the number of goats you have.  Be sure to do some research on flowers that can be poisonous to goats as they will eat things that could potentially be toxic to them.  Along with that, any shrubs or flowers that you have worked long and hard on growing should be kept far away from the goats’ enclosure or else there is a good possibility they will become goat food.
Seeing as how goats love to climb, they are very good escape artists.  Be sure that the fence does not have any holes for the goat(s) to escape and keep any objects for them to climb on away from fence so that they are not able to jump over the of the fence.  They also enjoy chewing on wood – so if the fence you plan to put up is wooden, you may have to replace it every so often if it gets chewed on regularly.
Just like other pets, goats need veterinary care.  One very important thing to check goats for is intestinal parasites.  If they have a large volume of intestinal parasites it can cause them to become anemic.   All of our large animal doctors will care for your pet goats, all you have to do is call our office and make an appointment!
Goats are also used as production animals – meaning that some people raise goats for dairy or for meat.  Some areas more commonly use goats for meat than others, just as some areas use goats milk more than others.
For additional information about goats you can visit this website.


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