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A bit of information on goats to help you decide if you want to own one of these curious and entertaining creatures!

Goats love to climb and jump on, and off, of a variety of things. Having something such as a small building, a small deck with steps or even just rocks will keep these guys entertained. Goats are herd animals so it’s best to get at least 2, unless you have another buddy to keep them company.
Just like other ruminants, goats eat a lot. They will need hay, grain and a vitamin block to keep them content, as well as pasture turnout. With all that eating comes a lot of presents, from the back end so be sure you have a place to discard the goat feces. It makes for a great fertilizer for flower beds or gardens. An average goat pen should be about 135 square feet for a goat less than 100lbs and double that for a larger goat. This average should be increased with the number of goats you have. Goats are curious and will taste any plants within their reach. Research the plants, flowers and trees in the pasture and along the fence to ensure they are not toxic. Don’t forget to assess any fruit, nuts or seed pods that may be dropped from trees throughout the year. Do you have prized shrubs or flowers that you have worked long and hard on growing? They should be kept far away from the goats’ enclosure as they may become food and you will have additional help with the pruning!

Curious and mischievous = goats! They will seek a way to climb out of the enclosure! Be sure that the fence does not have any holes for the goats to escape and keep any objects for them to climb away from fence so that they are not able to jump over the of the fence. They also enjoy chewing on wood – so if you are planning on a wooden fence, you will also need to plan on replacing and repairing on the regular.

And of course, there is a need for veterinary care! Intestinal parasites are a common diagnosis and should be treated accordingly. A large volume of intestinal parasites can cause anemia. Our large animal doctors will see your production or pet goats – just give us a call to schedule an appointment. They can be seen in the office or on the farm!

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