“I have deal w dr Hinton x20 yr. sad to hear she’s out on medical. But I truly trust all the docs here. They successfully operated on my Charlie (cat) and helped me with the unfortunate decision of needing to my put Gizmo to rest.
Although it’s seems a little more expensive over the years but price of inflation for everything has gone up.
I could not be happier with them. They have always treated me with respect and honesty and kindness.
I continue care there for my Hope,Marmalade and Jax.
I can only pray that the great continuation of care goes on for many many years
I’ve read some negative reviews on here and people will always have something bad to say but there’s 1000 more positive things !!!
To me it’s worth my hour drive one way to bring my babies to the best care around my area. !!
Thank you mtn view vet services”

-Bobbie Mohler, Google

Very caring staff, been there twice, under emergency situations, and although it’s not inexpensive, well worth my fur babies life. I even got a follow up call from one of the staff, days later. Thanks to them, for being so caring!”

-Lynn Ayers, Google

” I can’t thank Dr Adams and the staff at Mountain View Vet Hospital enough. I was traveling with 3 cats going from NY to Arkansas and 2 of my cats were having a really hard time traveling. I called Mountain View and got an appointment the same day. Dr. Adams examined both cats very thoroughly. She first sprayed the cats carriers with Feliway which works to help calm them. If needed she also prescribed medication to help calm them. So far so good the Feliway seems to be working miracles. Praying it continues for the rest of our trip. Thank you Dr. Adams and Mountain View staff so very much. I will be forever grateful!
Mary Nicholson”

-Mary Nicholson, Google

“This vets office helped fix 3 female cats for me on all on the same day. They did great with the surgery and healed well. Staff was so friendly and very informative! Would definitely recommend them.”

-Lauren Ferry, Google

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“Had to have my kitty put to sleep after an emergency visit to pet vet at tsc which doesn’t euthanize.Had to wait an hour but they fit me in and were very very nice. Even sent me a sympathy card.”

-Sue, Google

” Dr. Emily and ,Brittany were AMAZING! This was our first visit, and we could not go in with our dog do to covid. We have a bully breed and other vets were afraid of our dog even though he is not vicious or mean. I highly recommend Mountain View to anyone !!”

-Lisa Miller, Google

” I had transferred here after seeing another vet in town. For the 2.5 years I was here, I never had a bad experience. Techs & Doc’s alike, they have all been very caring and taking their time with us. Most recently, we had to put our pup down, and they were absolutely wonderful through the whole process, making the most difficult time, and easier experience. I did also really appreciate the timely, sweet sympathy card that was sent to our home. Thank you, Dr. Emily & Maddie!”

-Alc, Google

” Our family loves this place! They are friendly, professional, and caring!!! We found them in a time of need when one of ferrets was not doing too well. They were able to diagnose him and discovered he had cancer everywhere, which had also spread to his lungs. :/ They were able to do all tests, x-rays and more in their facility. Although this was a was situation, our family was grateful for their efforts and become clients for life! :)”

-Kim Barrick, Google