A health management system based on periodic visits to the herd by a veterinarian to check the status of overall animal health from calves/heifers, dry cows, and the lactating herd; reviewing production, milk quality, reproductive efficiency, cow culling and mortality rate, antibiotic use, and reviewing treatment records.


Ultrasound Reproductive Examination

Our doctors can diagnose early pregnancy down to 29 days in addition to assessing calf viability. Using an ultrasound also allows us to determine fetal gender, diagnose twins and evaluate ovarian structures. Being able to do all of this, allows us to work with you to develop a reproductive program that maximizes conception rates in your cows.

Animal Health at All Stages

Our veterinarians work with you to help improve and maintain the general health and well being of all your animals. From calves/heifers, dry cows, and the lactating herds, we have been trained in all aspects of your herd health needs. Through individualized vaccine protocols we can help prevent disease on your farm. But when animals do become ill, individualized treatment protocols help ensure treatment success and minimize retreats and wasted costs on drugs and lost production. What works best for you may not be what works best for your neighbor. Let us help you develop a preventative health program that works best for you and your operation today, to help minimize costly antibiotic use tomorrow.

Dehorning Calves

Our method of pain medication, light sedation and local blocks provides a seamless transition during disbudding. The calves do not go off feed, therefore do not slow their average daily gain. We provide the most humane method of disbudding.

Review and Keep Records

    • Develop methods to record treatments, easily follow and track withhold times, and review treatment success/failure. Our doctors work diligently to keep you delivering a safe, antibiotic free product to the public during these changing times of antibiotic drug use limitations and additional oversite required

Milking Routine and System Analysis

This service focuses on the milking routine and checks the system from a cow health perspective. By focusing on cow comfort, teat end health, and parlor/milking efficiency, we can work with you to improve milk let down, shorten unit on times and, in turn, improve overall udder health and milk quality.

Team Consultation

Our veterinarians work as a team to help achieve your dairy’s personal goals. Open communication between the veterinarian, nutritionist, dairy producer and financial advisors help make a difference on your farm. Production management tops the list in these team meetings. These discussions that are centered on a whole farm approach would include genetics, nutrition, housing, disease control, financial management, crops, and manure management. Please see the link below for more information, or call our office today to discuss this exciting opportunity with one of our veterinarians.

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Standing LDA (left twist), RDA (right twist), hernia repairs, and C-sections

Emergency Services

Emergency services are available after hours if needed. We offer assistance for calvings, lacerations (cut milk vein etc.), prolapses, a down cow, or whatever the emergency may be feel free to call the clinic and be directed to our veterinarian on call.

Outbreak Services

From calves scouring, to a respiratory outbreak in heifers, or an abortion storm in the lactating herd, our doctors are ready and equipped to perform necropsies, send samples for diagnostic testing, develop rapid treatment plans and vaccine protocols to quarantine an outbreak in your herd.



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