Senior Wellness (C.A.R.E)

Please fill out this form and bring it in at your pet’s CARE appointment at Mountain View Veterinary Services. What may look like normal aging could be a manageable health condition.
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Circling / repetitive movements / head tilts
Confusion or disorientation
Excessive barking / meowing
Less interaction with family/hiding
Less enthusiastic greeting or behavior
Tremors or shaking
Trouble hearing
Changes in sleeping patterns/location
Changes in activity level
Difficulty climbing stairs
Difficulty jumping up
Increased stiffness or limping
Exercise intolerance
Excessive panting or changes in breathing patterns, coughing
Altered appetite or difficulty chewing
Weight change
Bad breath
Increased thirst
Changes in urination or defecation
House soiling or changing litterbox habits / leaking urine
Excessive scratching
Skin or haircoat changes, lumps and bumps - please use diagram on right
Taking prescription, over the counter medications or supplements. List on back