While some of us love our furry, four legged friends, others of us love our friends that a bit more… scaley!  This weeks blog will talk a little bit about some of the more common reptilian pets that people have and some interesting things about them.
-Bearded dragons – These are one of the more common reptiles that people tend to have as pets.  They are fairly docile creatures and not as scary as they may seem in the movie “Holes”!  Dragons typically eat veggies including shredded carrots, different types of greens and kale.  They will also eat insects like crickets and meal worms.  Some dragons will need to be supplemented with calcium and vitamin D.  If they become deficient in either of these it can cause a fatal metabolic bone disease.  For housing dragons need an area that is no less than 36″x12″x18″ and it will be a UVB bulb that is essential for vitamin D metabolism.  They will need an area to hind in, such as a rock to go under or cave, a food and water bowl.  You can learn more about bearded dragons at the following link:
-Leopard Geckos – Leopard geckos are small lizards that grow to be 8-11 inches in length.  They are some of the easier reptile pets to care for and, if looking to start having reptiles as pets, are probably the easiest to start out with.  You can keep 2-3 geckos in 15-20 gallon tank, however if you house males and females together there can only be one male per tank.  They eat insects and for large adults they can have small pinkie mice.  They are nocturnal, so having a space that they can hide during the day is a must.  There is certain lighting requirements that these little geckos require, and you can find those requirements, and more, at:
Snakes are another common reptile that people enjoy having around their house.  There are many kinds of snakes that you can get, but a few of them are corn snakes, boas, and pythons.  Some of these snakes can get very large in size, so before taking on one of these slithering creatures be sure to do the proper research and make sure you have the room to house of one these.
Reptiles can make awesome, unique pets just make sure you understand all their special requirements before taking one into your home.


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