Small Ruminants

Routine wellness

General health examinations including annual vaccinations for rabies, tetanus and clostridium types C & D

Herd health

Vaccine protocols, internal and external parasite diagnosis and treatment through FAMACHA scoring and fecal centrifugation, pasture management, testing available for the following disease: OPP (sheep), CAE (goats), CLA, Johne’s disease.


Health certificates

Inspection, official identification and examination of animal prior to traveling to ensure your animal is healthy enough for sale/show/exhibition. Every sale/show/exhibition has specific requirements, please research all requirements for travel and allow ample time to complete all testing and paperwork needed.

sick case management

Diagnosis and treatment of common respiratory (lung) diseases,  urethral obstruction (blockages), neurologic diseases (polio/listeriosis), eye disorders, gastrointestinal disturbances and skin issues.

reproductive services

Ultrasound for late term pregnancy, assistance with difficult births, c-sections, identification and treatment of pregnancy toxemia and neonatal exams.


Castration, laceration repair, mass removal.


Lame or injured animals can be radiographed utilizing our digital x-ray machine.

emergency services

After hour services are available. Please call the office and follow directions to be transferred to the veterinarian on-call.


Due to unforeseen computer issues, we cannot accept emailed appointment request at this time. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call our office during our normal business hours at 717 - 477 - 8938.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.