Non-toxic Perennial plant list

I’m going to say this a few times throughout this blog but this is just a guideline to help start you out in the right direction. This is by no means a “cut-and-dry” “fool-proof” list of non-toxic plants list. Just like each person can respond differently to allergens, so to can your pets. One plant that is safe for one dog can be dangerous for another living in the same household, if the second one is hyper-sensitive. Also, anything in an overindulgence can be a bad thing.

This list includes mostly house plants, herbs, and outdoor plants. There are a few ferns and non-flower baring plants but I didn’t add trees to this list. Also, some of the plants on the list have different varieties and each variety may have different planting requirements and blooming time. If the table below has an empty cell, that means there are different varieties that have different options. Remember, to check your local growing zone – living in the Franklin/Cumberland County area of PA, we are in zone 6-7.

Some names on the list are the common name and other names are the scientific name.

Name light height bloom time Butterflies hummingbirds
Achira (arrowroot full sun 3-6 ft August to October
Agastache (Hyssop) full sun 24-48 in mid-summer to autumn
African Violet medium light 4-6 in all year
Aluminum Plant partial sun 12-18 in
American Rubber Plant partial sun 5 in late summer
Asparagus Fern full to part sun 2-4 ft ~
Bamboo palm dappled sun 4 ft ~
Basil full sun 1 ft ~
Bee Balm sun to part shade 24-36 in mid-summer to autumn          x x
Boston Fern (indoors) bright sun 12-24 in ~
Carpathian Bellflower sun to part shade 6-12 in summer
Celosia Spicata (Flamingo Feather) full to part sun 2-3 ft
Common Camellia full sun 6-20 ft winter to spring
Coral Bells sun to part shade 6-36 in spring to autumn x
Coreopsis full sun 5 – 8 in. Blooms early summer to fall.
Swedish Ivy (houseplant) bright light 8-18 in ~
Daisy (blue, Gerber) full to part sun ~ ~
festuca beyond blue full sun    10-12 in. late spring, early summer
Heartsease Pansy (Viola tricolor) Part shade to full sun 3-8 in Mid-Spring to Early fall
Hibiscus full to part sun 6.9 ft early summer
Jasmine full sun 19 ft
Lace Flower Vine full sun 6-8 in
Lemon Balm sun to part shade 24-36 in summer
Mother Hens and Chicks partial sun 7 in ~
Moss Campion (Dwarf Silene) sun to part shade 2-3 in late  spring to summer
Phlox sun to part shade 6-48 in mid to late summer x x
Rose full sun 1-12 ft summer to autumn
Rosemary full sun 1-6 ft spring to early summer
Sage, common sun to part shade 18-24 in x x
Spider plant (indoor) medium light 6-8 in ~
Torch Lily sun to part shade 30-48 in late summer to autumn
Venus Fly Trap full sun
Zinnia sun to part shade 8-30 in summer

Most of my research for this blog came from the ASPCA Poison control plant list and My Garden Life. By doing a little research and planning, you and your pet can enjoy beautiful plants both indoors and out.


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