As of August 31, 2023 we no longer service equine patients. We recommend seeking care with one of the following equine veterinary clinics:

Century Equine Veterinary Services

(Chambersburg and surrounding area)


PenMar Equine

(may be able to service southern Franklin County)


Windsor Veterinary Service

(service a 30 mile radius of Westminster, MD)


Green Glen Equine Hospital

(haul in to Glen Rock, PA)



Preventative care is key to maintaining good health and the best way to have a long, happy partnership with your horse. Mountain View Veterinary Service recommends annual examinations to potentially detect subtle changes in health. This also gives us an opportunity to provide you with information about nutrition, preventative medicine and everyday management of your horse. Customized vaccination and deworming programs may be designed to suit your horse and their life stage, activity level, and health.

General yearly wellness guidelines include:

    • Yearly wellness examination
    • Annual vaccinations
      • Eastern, Western, and West Nile Encephalitis
      • Rabies
      • Equine Influenza and Equine Herpes Virus
      • Potomac Horse Fever
      • Tetanus
      • Coggins
    • Semiannual fecal exams
      • Recommended over blanket deworming
    • Dental care

Please call our office with any questions regarding appointment scheduling or specific questions regarding your horse’s care.


Mountain View offers comprehensive in-house and send-out diagnostics including:

  • Fecal Examinations
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Comprehensive Chemistry Profiles
  • Endocrine (Cushings, Equine Metabolic Syndrome) testing
  • Geriatric Blood Panels
  • Foal Total Protein Levels (failure of passive transfer testing)
  • Other diagnostic tests available upon request


We provide a thorough lameness exam & flexion tests. We also have the capability to provide portable digital x-rays.


Regular dental care is an essential part of routine health care and maintenance. Unlike our dogs and cats, horse teeth erupt constantly throughout their lives. As a result, a horse’s mouth is constantly changing and requires annual exams to prevent major dental issues from arising.

At Mountain View, we use power rotor tools and sedation to float horse teeth. This allows us to thoroughly examine the oral cavity, ensuring that no problems are missed and making the procedure as low-stress for your horse as possible. By removing sharp points and loose teeth, we can drastically improve a horse’s comfort allowing them to eat and maintain weight more easily, avoid pain associated with a bit, and avoid the compounding of dental issues by annually reevaluating your horse’s dental health.


Mountain View offers comprehensive emergency services including:

  • Laceration Repair
  • Gelding
  • Foaling
  • Choke
  • Colic (non-surgical treatment)
  • Diarrhea/Dehydration
  • Down Horse