COVID-19 UPDATE (06/25/2021):

As of July 2021, we will allow a client with a scheduled appointment with a veterinarian to accompany their pet into the exam room. Please limit your visit to 2 family members. A mask covering the nose and mouth is optional. Our team will be wearing masks at their discretion. If you wish for us to wear a mask when interacting with you, let us know!

Please treat our hard-working team with kindness and respect. We are scheduled to our fullest capacity and want each patient to receive quality care.

Curbside services will still be available. Please let a team member know you wish to wait outside.

  • All appointments scheduled with a doctor are allowed in the building at this time.  To avoid overcrowding in our lobby, a team member will escort you from your car inside and directly to the exam room.
  • No more than 2 people allowed per appointment.
  • Text us at 67329 to let us know you are here! Include your pet’s name and a description of your car and location. If you happen to be in a spot with a parking lot sign, just indicate the spot number you are in!
  • Call us at 717-477-8938 when you arrive. We will get an exam room ready for you and your pet. You may have to leave a message, it’s ok! We will get the message shortly. If you don’t hear from us within 10 minutes, call again.
  • Parking lot concierge – A team member may check on you during your parking lot wait. We are trying to make sure we have not missed anyone and that you are as comfortable as you can be. If you feel you have been waiting an unusually long time, please come knock on our door. It could be that our team is working on a crashing patient, and it takes some time for us to regroup after that experience. NO matter how many times we have seen it and been involved!!
  • If you wish to run a quick errand or even go for a walk, please let your technician know so that they are not wandering the parking lot searching for you. There will be a release form for you to sign! Benches have been placed outside for you to enjoy the nice days!
  • Restrooms and drinking fountains will be available to use at your own risk.
  • Surgical and hospital admissions as well as medication/diet pickups will continue as curbside at this time. This is to maintain social distancing and keep our lobby clear.
Curbside care: Please bring your fully charged cell phone as this is the best way for our team to contact you from the parking lot during your pet’s appointment. Please know that our call may come from an unknown/spam like a number. We are using all the phone lines we have available to keep things flowing as smoothly as possible.
Non-Emergency Contact Methods: Texting, emailing and Facebook messages will be checked regularly during office hours.
If you or anyone in your family are sick, please stay home! Plan for someone else to bring your pet! If this is not feasible, let us know so that we can protect our team and control the spread of infection!
Thank you for supporting us while we continue to provide care for our patients and maintain the safety of our clients and our team.