Bland Diet

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Bland Diets

Vomiting and/or diarrhea can upset the stomach and intestines. Just like humans, when our four-legged friends get a belly ache they should be fed something bland. For example, we eat crackers or soup when we’re not feeling good. The boiled chicken and rice acts as the same thing for your pet when they’re not feeling well.

The bland diet allows for the pet’s GI tract to recuperate and lessens the work it has to do to break down the pet’s normal diet. A bland diet, along with any medications the veterinarian may prescribe for your pet, will help them build up their good gut flora and help them begin feeling better.

Now that your pet is feeling better, you can start to gradually switch them back to their normal diet. However, do not just switch back right away. To ensure that the pet’s stomach is prepared for its normal meal, a slow transition is always best. Typically switching back to the normal diet over 5-7 days allows your pets GI tract enough time to recover and break down the food like it’s supposed too.

Bland Diet Options:

  • Cooking at home – boiled hamburger or chicken and rice. Boil the meat in water until it is thoroughly cooked. Pour the water and grease off.
  • Mix 1part meat to 2 parts cooked rice. (ie: 1cup of meat to 2 cups of cooked rice)
  • Prescription Diets – MVVS stocks several brands and types of bland diets for purchase. No cooking involved! Open the bag or can, measure and feed!