Appropriate Water Intake

I started thinking about this blog during this past winter, my girl; Kaylee (Great Pyrenees/Bernese Mountain dog mix) absolutely loves when there is snow on the ground. So much so that she will refuse to drink water from her bowl and will only eat snow. When we had all those days of snow at the beginning of 2018, I was starting to worry that she wasn’t getting enough water.


If dogs and cats don’t drink enough water they can start to have a multitude of health issues develop from urinary tract infections to kidney failure. Not to mention there are other diseases like diabetes and thyroid disease that can indicate there is a problem from the amount of water the animal drinks. So how can you tell if your pet is getting the proper amount of water? This blog will give you a better idea of how much your pet should drink on a daily basis.


I’ll admit I am a little bit on the crazy pet person side of things and I like to know how much food / water each of my pets intake and that they are expelling the correct amount of waste. Not only do I measure out the amount of food they are fed but I actually have gallons of water that I use to keep tract of their water intake. (Although, I also keep those water gallons around just in case there is a natural disaster like I previously spoken about.


DVM360 has a great article about polydipsia (increased thirst/ greater than normal water intake) and polyuria (larger volumes of urine). According to the article, if a dog consumes more than 90 ml/kg/day or a cat consumes more than 45 ml/kg/day then this is evidence of polydipsia. To make it a little easier for us non-metric people, I created the following charts:


Dog’s Weight in Pounds Normal Amount of Fluids Per Day
4 – 10 5.4 – 13 fl. oz.
11 – 20 15 – 27 fl. Oz.
21 – 30 28.9 – 41 fl. oz.
31 – 40 42 – 54 fl. oz.
41 – 50 56 -69 fl. oz.
51 – 60 70 – 82 fl. oz.
61 – 70 84 – 96.7 fl. oz.
71 – 80 98 – 109 fl. oz.
81 – 90 111 – 124 fl. oz.
91 + 1 gallon plus



Cat’s Weight in Pounds Normal Amount of Fluids Per Day
5 7 fl. oz.
10 14 fl. oz.
15 20 fl. oz.

I have heard veterinarians recommend to clients who are concerned about their pet’s water intake to start out in the morning with an empty water bowl (make sure you know how many cups/ fluid ounces it holds) then keep tract of how many times the water bowl is filled and then right before bed, measure out the remaining water into a measuring cup. Total up the amount of refilled water bowls and keep tract of it on a calendar. After reviewing the chart and you notice your pet is drinking more or less than the recommended amount of water a day, please call the veterinary hospital to schedule an exam and to have a discussion with the vet about your pet’s drinking habits.


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