Bloodwork For Your Pet

October is one of my favorite months because I LOVE Halloween. Ghost, monsters, and vampires – can you tell I grew up as huge Buffy fan? Speaking of vampires… that reminds me of this week’s blog. It is about your pet’s bloodwork. There are many benefits of having bloodwork done on your pet. More information is contained in your pet’s blood test results than what can be found in just a physical exam alone. By having a baseline of how your pet’s organs function when they are healthy, it can aid the veterinarian when your pet isn’t feeling well.  Also, having the young, healthy baseline will allow our vets to monitor how their organs are working as they age. It is recommended to have a blood panel done during your pet’s yearly wellness exam. MVVS’s blood panel screening is called a Total Body Function and it includes a complete blood count, a comprehensive blood chemistry panel and thyroid level. The Total Body Function is sent to a laboratory and results typically come back within 1-2 days. MVVS also has some equipment to run in-house bloodwork during emergency situations.


Knowing how your pet’s organs are functioning will help us to tailor the anesthesia if your pet is going to be going in for surgery. For their safety, we require pets that are 6 years and older to have complete bloodwork done before any surgery or dental procedure.


With just a small sample of blood, we can quickly test cats for feline leukemia, FIV, or heartworm disease, and test dogs for heartworm disease and 3 tick-borne diseases: Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease and Anaplasmosis.


Our veterinarians also use bloodwork to monitor any side effects from medications you pet is taken and make sure they are getting their proper dosage. Thyroid medications, Phenobarbital, and insulin for diabetics are just a few medications that require at least annual bloodwork (once they are controlled).


For breeders, knowing progesterone levels and Brucellosis status is a must for their breeding stock.


MVVS also does bloodwork for large animals as well. Go to our Horse Blog to read about bloodwork for them.


Your pet has a wealth of knowledge running through their veins.  By having bloodwork done, it provides assistance for our vets to recommend what is best for your pet.


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